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JetBot is an open-source robot based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano. You'll like it because...

It's Affordable

JetBot costs less than $250 in parts, including Jetson Nano. The DIY kit includes a bill of materials which you must purchase and a 3D printed chassis that you can print, or order. If you're looking to get up and running as quick as possible, there are also many third party kits available that come pre-bundled.

It's Educational

JetBot includes a set of Jupyter notebooks which cover basic robotics concepts like programatic motor control, to more advanced topics like training a custom AI for avoiding collisions. What you'll learn isn't limited to JetBot. You'll learn concepts related to neural network data collection and training that extend as far as your imagination.

It's Easy to Setup

JetBot is programmed from your web browser. Just connect your JetBot to Wifi and launch the JetBot Docker container. This enables JetBot's web programming environment, which is available even after the JetBot reboots. Once your JetBot boots, just type it's IP address into your web browser and start programming.

It's Fun!

We built JetBot to make exploring ideas related to robotics as fun as possible. In effect, it's a portable, battery powered AI computer with a camera that's super easy to program. This makes it the perfect platform for trying new ideas related to AI, image processing and robotics. Our experiments have led us to new projects like JetRacer, and we're excited to see where your experiments take you.

Get Started

To get started with JetBot, follow the Getting Started instructions. If you run into any issues along the way, please let us know!

Get involved

We really appreciate any feedback related to JetBot, and also just enjoy seeing what you're working on! There is a growing community of Jetson Nano and JetBot users. It's easy to get involved involved...